Invest in McNaught and Walker - New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
The Walker family has, since 2011, been building a business in Southern Africa called African Clean Energy (, which has of late really started to take off. This is great news, but it is proving too much to run both this and the boutique-style sales and marketing for McNaught & Walker. It would be a real shame to either stop producing the wine, or sell the property off to one of the bigger players in the region. This is why we are looking to attract an investor (or a consortium of investors) to take either a minority or majority share in the company, at very attractive terms.

In a nutshell, the McNaught & Walker estate ( is some 120 hectares in size. Just over 5.5 hectares of this carry Sauvignon Blanc, our 'White Ash Bluff' vineyard, which is beautifully protected against the elements by a ridge that runs around the back it. Because of this, our grapes can grow at a height very close to the winter frost barrier, and are of a very special quality. We have a 2500-tree olive grove, around 10 years old, which is suited to making very good oil, although we don't do this yet. There is a small house, a gorge, a swamp, a lake and several hills; a stunningly beautiful place. Importantly, with worries of drought and uncertainty on water in NZ on the rise, we have ample water rights. Extremely valuable, and offering a lot of potential for expansion if desirable.

The guru of New Zealand wine, Michael Cooper, has named us a 5-star estate. Importantly, in Richard Bowling we have an absolute top-class viticulturist overseeing our vines and vinification, and our sales network already covers a number of key European export markets, but huge opportunities for market expansion still lie in China and North America.

We want to at least share some of the sales-responsibilities with an investor, but everything else, including a stellar reputation for quality, is already in place at McNaught & Walker. Terms are negotiable. For more information, please contact